General Information


Epoka University, Department of Architecture is proud to launch the 4th edition of the Annual International Design Competition for Final Year High School Students – IDCHSS-2014. The competition is open to individual high school students enrolled in the final year of their studies. Some of the goals of this attempt can be listed as the following;

  • To engage high school students with the designing process.
  • To give high school students the opportunity to express their designing skills.
  • To blur the borders between middle and higher education institutions.
  • To identify new talents that would contribute in the future to the society through the discipline of Architecture.
  • Providing study scholarships to excellent talents for their further studies at Epoka University.


Departamenti i Arkitektures i Universitetit Epoka, shpall hapjen e edicionit te katert te Konkursit Nderkombetar mbi Bazat e Projektimit per Maturantet e Shkollave te Mesme – IDCHSS-2014. Konkursi eshte i hapur per te gjithe nxenesit e shkollave te mesme qe vazhdojne studimet e tyre ne vitin e fundit akademik. Disa nga qellimet kryesore te ketij aktiviteti mund te rradhiten si me poshte ;

  • Prezantimi i studenteve te shkollave te mesme me Procesin e Projektimit
  • Dhenia e mundesise per studentet e shkollave te mesme te shpalosin aftesite e tyre konceptuale dhe grafike te Projektimit.
  • Zbehja e barrierave institucionale midis institucioneve te arsimit te larte dhe atij para-universitar.
  • Spikatja i Talenteve te reja qe do te sherbejne shoqerise nepermjet fushes se Arkitektures dhe nen-degeve te saj.
  • Mbeshtetja e talenteve qe spikasin, me bursa studimi ne degen e Arkitektures te universitetit Epoka


Read More: Eligibility, Calendar, Submissions, Jury and Jurors, Awards


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